SEAFDEC emphasize to promote on gender-equitable for small-scale fisheries, therefore a staff from SEAFDEC/TD and a staff from SEAFDEC/SEC participated in “Expert Workshop on gender-equitable small-scale fisheries in the context of the implementation of the SSF Guidelines” which organized by FAO in FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy from 28 to 30 November 2016. The workshop presented and discussed a draft implementation guide on how to practically apply the SSF Guidelines in relation to gender issues, aimed to support on awareness raising, advocacy and capacity development activities on the application of the relevant principles of the SSF Guidelines, as well as development and implementation of gender-sensitive sectoral and cross-sectoral policy frameworks and investment plans and programs. At the end, the workshop came up with the way forward on support countries in the gender-reviews of their policies, strategies, use gender guide in capacity development at country/regional level, continue work on gender-disaggregated statistics to improve knowledge and support policies and monitoring and explore development of repository of case studies/good practices to support advocacy and capacity development.