The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) in collaboration with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature of Japan (RIHN), Kasetsart University, and Department of Fisheries of Thailand organized the International RIHN Final Seminar on Coastal Area Capability Enhancement in Southeast Asia on 15 and 17 March 2017 at Faculty of Fishery, Kasatsart University and Rayong Province respectively. The seminar aims to present the results of project implementation from 2012-2016 through benefits for fisherman and stakeholder in project area. There are 80 participants from RIHN, SEAFDEC, Kasetsart University, Department of Fisheries, fisherman, and stakeholder attended in the seminar.

The coastal capability enhancement in Southeast Asia project is a cooperative research activities between the research institute for humanity and nature (RIHN), some Japanese Universities, the SEAFDEC Training Department (TD), the Eastern Fisheries Research and Development Center (EMDEC) of Department of Thailand, Faculty of Fishery of Kasetsart University, The University of Philippines Visayas, Aklan State University and other related institutions/organizations. In this project “holistic approach” was adopted to give a full understanding how people utilize the coastal resources, for the purpose to establish the rational and practical measures both for social and ecological sustainability. 

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