Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD)

University Training Course#58 (การฝึกอบรมระยะสั้นรุ่นที่ 58)


Course title


Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management



2nd – 12th June 2015

No. of students


40 students (from different universities)



Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD)
in Samut Prakan and Eastern Marine Fisheries

Fish and fisheries are integral part of most societies and make important contributions to economic and social health and well-being in many countries and areas. The products from the fisheries are used in wide variety of ways, ranging from subsistence use to international trade as highly sought-after and highly-valued items. However, in despite this enormous importance and value, or more correctly, because of these attributes, the fish resources are suffering the combined effects of heavy exploitation and, in some cases, environmental degradation.

Therefore, awareness of responsible fishing in young generation is also considered as importance and necessary matter for sustainable fisheries. These learning, practicing and fishery ethic for students will make them understanding the valuable of the resources moreover they can make records of the information, using to conserve and consume them correctly.

SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) has taken up this challenge to building up and give awareness to young generation from Universities on “Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management” training course. This training course has been specifically designed for students to gain knowledge and experience outside the Universities, students will gain the knowledge in theory and practicing about fishery activities. Besides, they are going to survey fishery community. All of these activities will make the new generation to be empowering, developing in the future.

Objectives :

  1. To gain knowledge and understand on the concept and principle of Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management, Basic fishery oceanographic survey and small scale fishing gears
  2. To get experiences in assembling fishing gears and Oceanography and be able to operate during onboard practices.
  3. To get involve on the way of life of fishing community around coastal area.
  4. To build up network among students from different universities as well as to strengthen the students’ attitude on the team work approach

Target Participants :

Forty students from different Universities, students must have basic knowledge on the science of fisheries, marine science or other related of major subjects.

Training methodologies :

The training is composed of in class lecturers and discussions, practices, field trip surveys and shipboard training cruise.

  • In class Lectures and Discussions
    • Fishery management in Thailand
    • Fishery management in Japan
    • Socio-economic data survey in fishing community
    • Basic fishery oceanographic survey
    • Fishing gear in Thailand
    • Preliminary Fishery resources survey and data collection
    • Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management

  • Practical sessions
    • Rope and Knotting
    • Simple fishing gears construction

  • Field Trip Surveys
    • Fisheries Community, Ban Khunsamut Jeen Village

  • Shipboard Training
    • Responsible fishing demonstrations and operations
    • Basic fishery oceanographic survey

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