Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD)

SEAFDEC/TD Organize Lead EAFM Training for Inland Fisheries

The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries Thailand organized a short “Training course on Lead Ecosystem approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) for Inland Fisheries” on 25 May 2022. There were 34 participants (19 male and 15 female) from DOF Thailand and SEAFDEC/TD. The Training course is organized via face to face and online by Zoom platform. The Training course aims to 1) improved understanding of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) at different levels of government and across sectors and 2) understand the need for developing capacity and taking steps towards the implementation of an EAFM.

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Tailor-made Online Training Course on Fish Handling Technique Onboard Fishing Vessel

The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) in collaboration with INFOFISH organized a tailor-made “Online Training Course on Fish Handling Technique Onboard Fishing Vessel” from 10 to 12 May 2022. There were 42 participants (22 male and 20 female) from INFOFISH Member Countries who participated in this online training. The training course aims to transfer appropriate knowledge of hygienic environmental/user-friendly fish handling tools through simple techniques that could be applied to maintain the quality of the catch products. In addition, views and ideas on practical skills and concepts related to the reduction of post-harvest losses in fisheries, including fish handling techniques, ice storage, preservation techniques, and transportation of fishery products were exchanged and discussed during the online training course. In this regard, the resource persons who are experts in the mentioned subjects, namely Dr. Jirapa Hinsui from the Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University including Dr. Walai Kleechaya and Mr. Pawared Inthuserdha from the Department of Fisheries were invited for this course.

INFOFISH is an Intergovernmental Organization providing marketing information and technical advisory services to the fishery industry of the Asia-Pacific region and beyond from its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Twelve countries are currently members of INFOFISH which are Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

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SEAFDEC/TD Develop the Training Modules on Gender Mainstreaming for Small-scale Fisheries

The SEAFDEC Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD) organized “The Writeshop on Developing Training Modules of Gender Mainstreaming in Small-scale Fisheries” from 4 to 6 May 2022 at Training Department, Samut Prakan Thailand. There were seven (7) participants (6 females and 2 males) from SEAFDEC Secretariat, SEAFDEC/TD and a student from Prince of Songkla University attending this Writeshop. The experts from Prince of Songkla University (Hat Yai Campus and Phuket Campus), and Chaing Mai University were invited as resource persons. This writeshop aimed to prepare and develop the training module on gender mainstreaming in the value chain of small-scale fisheries. After the Writeshop, two training modules as 1) training module on gender awareness and gender mainstreaming in fisheries and 2) training module on gender analysis for gender integration in small-scale fisheries were developed which will support SEAFDEC and Member Countries on gender integration in their fisheries development project or research.

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In-house Training on the Introduction of Policies and Human Resources Management

The SEAFDEC Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD) organized “In-house Training on the Introduction of Three Policies and Concept of Human Resources Management” on 7 April 2022 at SEAFDEC/TD for 33 SEAFDEC staff from SEAFDEC/Secretariat and SEAFDEC/TD (16 females and 17 males). The training introduced three policies such as 1) the code of ethics and conduct, 2) guidelines for preventing conflicts of interest, and 3) anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy. Moreover, the concept of human resources management and the importance of gender equality and social inclusion were also imparted to participants. The participants were expected to understand these policies of training and implement them in their work.

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SEAFDEC/TD welcome visitor to observer M.V. PLALUNG

On 31 March 2022, the SEAFDEC Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD) welcomed Mr. Alongkon Phonlabut, Advisor of Minister of Agriculture and Cooperation, Thailand, visitors from Thailand Fisheries Association through fishermen to visit and observe technology of M.V. PLALUNG which reducing impacts of environment and fuel consumption from fishing activities. The technologies on the vessel were presented and demonstrated such as trawl operating, fish handling technology, equipment for reducing manpower for fishing operation and so on. The visitor got new experiences and might be consider and select the valuable from this observation for their fishing vessel and fishing operation in the future.

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