Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD)

Capacity Building on Sustainable Fisheries Management for Thai Fisheries Officers

The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) organized the “Training Course on Sustainable Fisheries Management” in Surat Thani, Thailand from 14 to 18 May 2018. There were fifteen participants from the Department of Fisheries, Thailand who work and involve in fisheries management plan participated in this training. This training course aimed to improve and develop skills of participants on management plan which support for fisheries management activities. The training curriculums were focused on holistic approach to fisheries management, reducing and management of conflict between stakeholder, etc. At the end, the participants were expected to apply knowledge, skills and experience from this training on their job for sustainable fisheries.

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There were sixteen students from Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University who learned in the subject of Coastal Navigation including a lecturer study visited the SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) on 4 May 2018. The aimed of visiting TD was to increase knowledge and experience through practiced on coastal navigation outside the study room. Introduction of SEAFDEC and Departments was presented as promotion of organization activities in the region. The students also had a chance visiting TD facilities such as fishing workshop, library, M.V.Plalung 1, M.V.SEAFDEC and M.V.SEAFDEC 2. Moreover, skip boat control was practiced for all students in Chao Phraya river under took care and assisted by SEAFDEC staff.

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SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) under the Project of Sustainable Fisheries Resources Enhancement Measures in Critical Habitats/Fishing Grounds in Southeast Asia organized the Regional Technical Meeting on the Fisheries Resources Enhancement in Southeast Asia during 24 to 26 April 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand. There were 45 participants from SEAFDEC Member Countries attended this meeting which aimed to update the plan and activities implementation on fisheries resources enhancement national and regional program activity. At the end, the Meeting came up with 1) national and regional information on the fisheries resources enhancement program/activities implement carried out in Southeast Asia, 2) information on the management measure of fisheries resources enhancement national level, 3) scientist network on the resources enhancement works in SEAFDEC Member Countries, and 4) recommendation from SEAFDEC Member Countries about the implementation of fisheries resources enhancement programs that could be SEAFDEC information and direction to develop activities to support Member Countries in short-term and long-term activities include direction to develop the SEAFDEC project implementation from 2020-2025.

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SEAFDEC/TD gave warm welcomed to 26 students and 3 lecturers from Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology, Silapakorn University, Phetchaburi Information Technology Campus on 23 April 2018. The aimed of visiting TD are to increased knowledge and experienced of students outside the study room. TD roles and activities which conducted in the region through the lecture on “The Fisheries Technology and Fishing Gear in Thailand” were introduced and imparted to all students. Moreover, the students had a chance visiting TD facilities such as fishing workshop, and M.V.SEAFDEC.

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The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) conducted “Data Validation Workshop on Social Profile/Livelihood Opportunities and Market Channels (value chain) with Gender Dimension” on 19 April 2018 in Pu Lone Tone Tone, Kawthaung, Myanmar, under the SEAFDEC-Sweden project. There were 60 participants, composed of 49 community members of Pu Lone Tone Tone, six officials from the Department of Fisheries (DoF), Myanmar, and five SEAFDEC staff attended the workshop. 
The objective of the workshop was to share and validate the data collected on social profile and livelihood opportunities with special reference to gender dimension in January, 2018. The DoF, Myanmar and villagers expressed their appreciation to the project and shared that this was the first time they were having such a workshop in the area. The result of the study was accepted by community members of the research sites and suggested to have a program on capacity building of young generations with regards to fishing and livelihood.

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