Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD)


Strategies for Trawl Fisheries By-catch Management (REBYC-II CTI)

The Strategies for Trawl Fisheries Bycatch Management (REBYC-II CTI) is the seconds phase of the 2002-2008 FAO/UNEP/GEF global project “Reduction of Environmental Impact from Tropical Shrimp Trawling through the Introduction of Bycatch Reduction Technologies and Change of Management (REBYC)”

The REBYC II CTI project is for four years with a starting in year 2011. Projectintends to focus on multispecies bottom trawling, where bycatch issues are amongst the most serious, with potentially significant effects on ecosystems and livelihoods. As well as the aim to address these challenges by promoting sustainable fishing practices and improved trawl management. The project will contribute to the more sustainable use of fisheries resources and healthier marine ecosystems in the Coral Triangle and Southeast Asia waters by reducing bycatch, discards and fishing impact by trawl fisheries.

The participating countries are Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. The project will be executed by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), based in Bangkok and Samutprakarn, Thailand in partnership with the private sectorand relevant national, regional and international organizations such as CIM, IFFO, RFLP, SIDA, SPC and WWF.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is the Global Environment Facility (GEF) agency for the project that will be funded jointly by GEF and the implementing and executing partners.

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