Logistics Information

The “Teleseminar on Way Forward for Combating IUU Fishing in Southeast Asia”  will be held on Zoom Webinar; you can find the registration links for all sessions here: 


On the Zoom website, you can see the full guidance on how to join and participate in a webinar as a participant.

As a participant, you can submit questions:

  • In writing via the Q&A function or
  • Verbally using the Raise Hand function
An explanation of how to use these functions can be found below.

  • Ask questions by typing your question to the Q&A box.
  • When asking a question, please type in if you would like to direct the question to a specific panelist.
  • Before submitting the question, please read the other questions already submitted, to avoid the same question being asked several times.
  • You can also up vote questions by clicking the thumbs up icon. The questions that have most likes will appear on top of the question list.

  • You can raise your hand during the webinar if you would like to ask a question or make a comment out loud so that everyone at the webinar can hear it.
  • When the webinar moderator and the panelists see your hand raised, the moderator may give you permission to unmute your microphone and ask your question out loud or make a comment. You will receive a notification when you are permitted to do this.
  • If you have been permitted to unmute your microphone and speak, please state your name and affiliation before asking the question or making a comment.

Your video and microphone are disabled by default, but the hosts will be able to unmute you to speak if you have a question and indicate this by raising your hand. Kindly note that the Chat function will be disabled during the event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our SEAFDEC organizer team, Mr.Kongpathai Sarapahivanich (kongpathai@seafdec.org).