World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress

WSFC : Issues and Solutions


The World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress (WSFC) is a scientific meeting that aims to address issues concerning small-scale fisheries around the world. Researchers, practitioners, policy makers, fishers, industries, community members, and other interested persons are invited to participate at the conference to discuss key issues and offer local and global solutions.

The congress will consist of panel presentations, speed and poster presentations and field excursions. It will be held in Thailand on October 18-22, 2010. The WSFC will overlap with the fifth Coastal Zone Asia-Pacific Conference (CZAP2010), a biennial conference on coastal related issues for the Asia-Pacific region. Registered participants to either conference are entitled to participate in both events.



WSFC/CZAP Conference will be held at Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.


Please check out the WSFC blog for frequent updates on discussions, ideas and happenings relating to the conference and small-scale fisheries. The blog is meant to be a more informal and speedy outlet for communication. The blog content will be organized to also serve those who are not physically attending the conference. So, please check back frequently and be sure to participate in the e-discussion!