Facilities & Services


Fishing Workshop

The fishing workshop building is used for many training courses held at SEAFDEC-TD. This facility is large and mainly used by participants enrolled in fishing gear technology courses or university student’s courses. Here the participants are able to practice various skills such as; learning proper fishermen knots, preparing for long-line operation, construction of TED’s, and they are even able to observe an accurate purse seine model.

Engineering Workshop

The engineering workshop is primarily used for those trainees who come to SEAFDEC-TD to gain further knowledge on marine engines as well as refrigeration systems. Training course participants have the opportunity to use modern technology such as computers to control engine and refrigeration systems as well as learning about proper engine maintenance and repair for fishing boat.

Conference Room

< 50 persons : 2,000 baht/day
> 50 persons : 3,000 baht/day
(LCD : 500 baht/day)


There are four(4) suite rooms and 16 rooms with double beds, sofa, wardrobe, electric shower, water heater, air-conditioner, TV, toilet and WiFi are provided in the room

Fee :
Suite Room: 1,200 Baht/night (excluding breakfast)
One(1) person/room: 500 Baht/night (excluding breakfast)
Two(2) persons/room: 700 Baht/night (excluding breakfast)

Facilities :
First floor: Laundry room and a meeting room for 20-30 participants

Recreational Facility

The recreational facility of the Department is located at the dormitory compound. It’s new building which is now under development will include sports grounds, fitness rooms and other corners for relaxation and entertainment.


Coaster (25 seats) : 3,500 Baht/day
Van (12 seats) : 2,500 Baht/day

Introduction of SEAFDEC


97, Suksawat Road, Laemfapha, Phra Samut Chedi District, Samut Prakan Province, 10290

Bussiness Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Tel: +66 2425 6100
Fax: +66 2425 6110 to 11