Gender Analysis on Access and Control Profile of Women and Men Over the Fisheries Resources (รูปแบบการเข้าถึงและการควบคุมทรัพยากรประมงของหญิงชาย)

What is Access and Control Profile?
Access and Control Profile is one of gender analysis work
– to examine the “Access to and Control over the Resources and Benefits” of the men and women,”
– to examine the level of their participation, and to analyze decision-making processes for their own lives and the development of their community.

The Resources includes the items such as family land, houses, family income and capital in cash and in kind, family livestock, family equipment and material and labor (of self and family members)

The benefits include items such as
– Education and training.
– Health care services; credit.
– Community development activities; community forest and water resources; government extension services; information and media.
– Communication and transportation services; electricity; local market; membership; religion; external aids.