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Training on eACDS Application for Small-scale Fisheries

SEAFDEC Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD) organized “The Training on electronic ASEAN Catch Documentation Scheme (eACDS) Application in Catch Declaration (CD) Part for Small-scale Fisheries” from 24 to 25 May 2023 at Krabi Province, Thailand. Twenty-seven (27) participants from Krabi fisheries’ provincial officers and local fishermen attended this training. The training focused on the verification of Key Data Elements (KDEs) of eACDS application in Baan Nai Nang Village, Krabi Province which is a pilot site for the implementation of eACDS for small-scale fisheries. Moreover, the using eACDS Application in the part of Catch Declaration (CD) was imparted and practiced. This training is an activity under “Small-scale Fisheries Management for Better Livelihood and Fisheries Resources Project”.

The eACDS Application was developed and prior used mainly for commercial-scale fisheries which object to support the combating of IUU fishing. It is recognized that the eACDS is one of the management tools which could enhance and strengthen the management of the region’s fisheries as well as support the trade of fish and fishery products. In other hand for small-scale fisheries the eACDS should be trying to apply to mainly support the fisheries data/information for the fisheries management as well as to upgrade the value of fish and fisheries products.


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