Responsible Fishing Technology and Practice

Total Period :: 2020 – 2024
Donor/Sponsor :: Japanese Trust Fund (JTF)
Lead Country :: Thailand
Project Partner(s) :: None
Lead Technical Officer :: Mr. Nakaret Yasook
Project Participating Country(ies) :: SEAFDEC Member Countries

Outputs of Project

Report of Onsite Training Fish Handling Onboard Fishing Vessels 
Date : 8 July 2022
Report of Online Regional Training Course on Onboard Fishing Handling 
Date : 28-30 June 2022
Report of Online Training Course on Energy Audits for Fishing Vessels 
Date : 21-23 June 2022
Report of the Online Regional Training Course Deck Machinery and Hauling Devices to Reduce Manpower in Fishing Vessels and Enhance Safety in Fishing Operations 
Date : 5 -6 May 2021
Report Online Regional Training Course on Fish Handling Techniques Onboard Fishing Vessels 
Date : 12 – 13 May 2021