Elasmobranch is one of the valuable resources of the Southeast Asia region. It contributes the livelihood of fishers, traders, and exporters. International trading of CITES listed some Elasmobranch species and has regulated by CITES Management Authority by trading permitting policy. Some CITES listed elasmobranch species are considered as common species and caught as by-catch regularly in the Southeast Asia countries. In order to mitigate the International trading issues as well as support the  development of sustainable fisheries management, SEAFDEC has initiated regional project aiming at improving elasmobranch data collections at species level in the Southeast Asia correctly and systematically. There are six (6) participating countries, namely: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. During 2015 to 2019, catch and fishing data from 1,913 trawl nets, 369 gillnets, 176 longlines, 35 purse seine, 35 handlines, 29 sets of bag nets and 3 stow nets were recorded. Totally, 56,655 tails of elasmobranches were individually measured and weighted that including 27,007 sharks, 28,256 rays, and 1,392 skates. The results appear as following;