In family Engraulidae larvae, there are at least 5 genera. Its common name is anchovy (young anchovies are called by Thai people as Saimai). From fishery statistical of percentage anchovies in Southeast Asia were increasingly caught since 2016 (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center [SEAFDEC], 2018; 2020a; 2020b).

This article only focuses on identify encrasicholina larvae. It is one genus of Family Engraulidae and the most important in term of commercial in region.

Key to Genus Encrasicholina Larvae

  • Dorsal-fin base present near midpoint of body or posterior to it, and its end over origin of  anal fin or posterior to the origin. Total myomeres less than 70
  • Anal-fin rays less than 30, and its base less than 1.5 times of dorsal fin base.
  • Origin of anal fin just under end of dorsal fin. 
  • Total vertebrae 40-45