The purse seine fishery is much heavier and power consumption than other types of fishing gears, due to its size and many fishes it can catch by once the operation. It is important to have a greater number of crew or special auxiliary machinery to hauling the purse seine nets up from the sea to onboard as known as “power block” for working with heavy gear is implemented.

Current Situation

The purse seine traditional fisheries, in the case of Thailand nets, are hauled from both sides of the vessel, making the operation period, and rearrange of the nets need the laborious are consuming. While the crew on the port and starboard side had to swim to bring one rope end from the winch to tight on the cork line using a winch to pull the cork line and nets to come nearby the ship hull. For making net hauling up easier from the sea to onboard.  This method is the same technique as using manpower or traditional power block.


To eliminating the risk and improve the working condition at sea and reduce nets slippage. Especially in the large catch or bad weather conditions, Therefore SEAFDEC/TD introduces the existing techniques are applied by installing a power grip (pusher wheel) into the power block of the local pilot purse seine fishing vessel for better net hauling efficiency. Its design ensures safe working conditions more direct net hauling, and reduces manpower, with fewer nets wears down.


  • A well-known system used for a long time in the new modern international purse seiner.
  • The power block is hanging on a crane instead of a boom or fixed and use of a V-shape power block.
  • Reduce slipping on the power block, up and down movements
  • Improve safety working conditions, risk work onboard, and replacement of the traditional practices.
  • Reduced crew number onboard. Adopt or innovate modern fishing fleet management in Thailand.


  • Sensitive in bad weather conditions,
  • The high amount of maintenance and working costs in a case designed is incorrect.