Purifier is a Disc Type bowl centrifuge that belongs. Centrifugal separator is used to separate solids from two types of liquids continuously. It can also be used to separate two liquids simultaneously, thereby reducing the manpower required.

Oil Purifier are the source of high centrifugal force in all directions. Which follows the law of centrifugal force. The oil purifier is subject to wear and tear and corrosion. is used so that it is safe and effective in use. Therefore, worn parts must be replaced. Proper maintenance and operation of the machine will ensure a long life of the machine. A thorough inspection will bet is specified that When is it time to replace which part.

Working principle

It uses the principle of separating substances with different specific gravity that are gathered by centrifugal force, causing layer-by-layer sedimentation according to the type of each type of substance.

In the case of centrifugal sedimentation, by having centrifugal force act thousands of times until it causes a very strong gravitational force. It will produce a better separation and purification rate than leaving it to precipitate by gravity alone.

Machine maintenance

For LUB OIL Purifier and HEAVY FUEL OIL Purifier, remove and clean every 3 months and DIESEL OIL Purifier every month by removing the entire bowl set and then opening and cleaning every part with diesel oil. Clear the operating water passage using wire and air. Press to help check the Nozzle plug. Whether it’s clogged or not, replace any O-rings that are worn out. Take out the water chamber and clean it as well, which will have a lot of scale stains. May use chemicals to help clean. Clear the water drain channel from the machine because if it becomes clogged Water can become trapped inside and mix with the oil in the gear chamber. When everything is complete, reassemble, carefully observe the various marks. Check the position of the Water chamber’s O-ring so that it touches the bottom of the Bowl set in the appropriate position. If it is not waterproof, it will not allow De-sludge, or the bowl will not close completely.