The impact of sewage on the marine environment is a concern. Seawater can be polluted by pathogens, nutrients, detergents, pesticides, and heavy metals. These seawaters are shared by the community for reaction, swimming, and food production, and the environmental and health risks are high. Improperly treated sewage onboard can harm the ecosystem. Most of the vessels have a sewage treatment system, which is designed to remove pollutants from sewage water before releasing it from the vessel to the sea.

Marine environment pollution is one of the major ecological problems nowadays, Pollution of the marine environment causes or is liable to cause lethal consequences on the living conditions of the marine and underwater living conditions. Many national and international regulations have been set. Besides the international regulations for prevention of marine pollution from vessels, many maritime nations have set forth their own regulations not complying with the international regulations. The industry which manufactures Sewage Treatment Plants for marine use has been improved in the last 10 years and continues to upgrade existing and produce more complex Sewage Treatment Plants wit better quality effluent.