Sherbet ice system is a new technology for hygiene fish cooling applications at sea. Sherbet ice system is its process production of ice, and combining, into mixing seawater. Sherbet ice can be pumped directly over the product to be cooled or into the fish hold where the chilly water can be further circulated as required. In case of ice is required in dry form, the mix of seawater can be drained throughout the drainage providing hold. Fish can be brought in boxes or trays with drainage holes. The fish is placed in the tray as it is caught. Sherbet ice with about 25 to 40% of ice consistency is immediately pumped over the fish, chilling its quickly from an initial temperature of 24 to 27°C cold down to approximately -4°C.

In other cases, sherbet ice is produced and stored in a fish hold for hours before catching the fish. As the fish is hauled onboard, it is placed directly into the fish hold with the supper chilly (sherbet ice). It rapidly cools fish and preserves them until the vessel is back several days later. The crystal ice acts to suspend and protect fish, thus reducing breakage and bruising. If additional chilling is required afterward, more slush ice can be produced and
added to the fish hold.