Among many snake found around the world, some of them known as almost 100% living in the sea with very lethal venom in them causing the legend of giant sea monsters in the past. It is the sea snake.

The fossil records has showed that the first true sea snake has evolved since the Cretaceous Era (100-60 million years ago). With the paddle-like tail and compressed shape, sea snake can finally become an excellent swimmer.

Sea snake known as bycatch species from trawl fishery. In Southeast Asia, the biggest sea snake fishery found in the Gulf of Thailand from Viet Nam fleet (Nguyen et al, 2014; Rasmussen et al., 2011). Recently, the stock status seems to be declined since 2009. the legendary sea monster needs some help.

In Thailand, more than 10 species of sea snake were found, but it can be divided into 4 groups as shown below. Among these groups, only sea krait will lay eggs on land while the other were giving birth to the tiny snakes in the water column.